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Imagine That!

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A college graduate at the age of 21, Greg Najee Grimes returned to Sacramento and immediately began working with the Roberts Family Development Center. There, the Freedom Schools program was in full effect, a life-changing experience for the youth benefiting from the program. For Grimes, nothing in the world was more enriching than the community engagement through Freedom Schools.

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Imagine That! is Grimes’ twist on the “Make A Wish” foundation—involving sports figures, sporting events, sports challenge and overall sports engagement. The Imagine That! concept is wish-making for under-served children. Whether it’s going to a Sacramento Kings game, meeting an NFL Player, touring a college locker-room, going to a high school sports event, participating in AAU, getting Season Tickets to Inderkum games—or whatever sports-oriented wish they can IMAGINE—we want to help the child achieve that goal.

Our Foundation Will Grant 4 Wishes Each Year. Imagine That!

Apply Below!

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Imagine That!

Please confirm if Child lives in same City/State as the Parent/Guardian Completing Application:

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