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Najee's Law - Petition

Derived from the Two Twelve business model adapted by Gregory Najee Lewis Grimes, the 212 Anchors concept emerged out of the interrupted life of a community treasure. Najee Grimes was murdered in downtown Sacramento, on July 4, 2022.

His Friends and Family are committed to making a difference. His death will not go unanswered.

As advocates for community safety, particularly concerning the entertainment establishments in California’s Capital City, parents Gregory and Deborah Grimes, along with Staci Conrad and Denise Huffman, are proposing 3 legislative aims that are centered on ameliorating crime occurring under the cloak of darkness.

These 3 Initiatives will be presented to Mayor Darrell Steinberg, as well as Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (7th District).  Alternatively, they may also become Ballot Box Initiatives in the Voter processes. The first 500 names reflect the passion of those who not only understand the value of human-kindness—but they also connect with the grace of human life and tragedy behind human suffering.

As a part of Gregory Najee Lewis Grimes’ legacy, the following 3 ideas are the cornerstone of a new and necessary approach to creating safe open places in the downtown areas that provide night life entertainment for Sacramento citizens and visitors.

If you Agree with items A, B and/or C, please provide your name, address and signature for each.  Also, any other contact information would be most appreciated.

Meeting Topic

Topic/Purpose of Meeting:

Najee's Law. We plan to discuss the proposal of creating 3 new legislative pieces that are serious and warranted in nature.  Additionally, these initiatives will make a life-or-death difference in the lives of patrons visiting Sacramento's entertainment community.

Gregory Najee Lewis Grimes, a Sacramento Resident, was mercilessly gunned down at close range, by someone who was at the same nightclub Grimes was at, just minutes earlier. Najee died on July 4, 2022. He was a new business owner, a new home-owner, a football coach at his Alma Mater, a community youth advocate, a college graduate, a good citizen, he worked with Special Education students and he was a young father to a 4-year old son. We lost a good one. Three important moves could change Sacramento, forever—restoring our faith in enjoyable night life, without the consequence of senseless gun violence, stabbings or death by other violent means. As we wait for justice, our community takes a collective pause. We need to exhale.


  1. 1. The obvious need to mandate a solution for downtown Sacramento entertainment establishments or event centers that do not adequately provide cameras and lighting on the exterior of their commercial business. The combination of powerful cameras and strong lighting could significantly help to ameliorate crimes such as murder, assault, theft or harassment. Exterior cameras and lighting should not be optional.  If a business owner operates an establishment after 6 PM, they should be required to install camaras around the perimeter of the business, leaving no blind spots. Whether the installation is a plethora of single security cameras or commercial surveillance that requires an integrated camera system, there should be no compromise to this Initiative.

  2. 2. The immediate need for nightclubs in downtown Sacramento to provide Walkthrough Metal Detectors as a standalone device, at all entrances/exits. The "waning" process has proven to be unreliable, as they are only used at the discretion of Security Team.  Dangerous weapons are often brought into clubs on a regular basis, as some patrons are allowed to pass through with relaxed security measures, void of a full body scan. Technological advances have ensured that Walkthrough Metal Detectors can be made to appear as obvious or as stealth as club owners prefer.  More importantly, patrons would be able to enjoy the night life, knowing that security precautions have are mandated to keep them safe. If a business operates in Sacramento's downtown district after dark, a fail-safe Metal Detector should be placed at every door.

  3. 3. Consequences should be as real for Club Owners and Security, as it is for victims of crime. They should be held accountable when a person carrying a weapon enters the club. It is really that simple. We have some ideas on that.

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