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The Greg Najee Grimes

212 Anchor Foundation

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Our Purpose:

A New Twist on Youth Advocacy, Social Conscientiousness and Ameliorating Gun Violence ~ Using multi-dimensional, evidence-based strategies to empower our communities through generational cross-cultural awareness


Never Forget

Gregory Najee Lewis Grimes

December 20, 1990 ~ July 4, 2022

Victim of Gun Violence

Sacramento, CA

The Greg Najee Grimes 212 Anchor Foundation commemorates the life of a community treasure. Established by parents Gregory and Deborah Grimes, the organization is born of grief, love and benevolence.

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How We Move

Our Anchor

Grimes returned to Sacramento and joined the Coaching staff at his beloved alma mater, Inderkum High. He adopted 212 as his coaching philosophy for Indy’s D-Line. “You can’t get any hotter,” Grimes remarked, reflecting on the importance of pushing towards higher thresholds on the field and in life.

The Foundation’s name also underscores the significance of the anchor, as a symbol emulating support. One of Grimes’ first tattoos at Boise, was a anchor with the words, “Mom” and ”Dad.”  Grimes also accumulated an assorted of anchors, amassing a respectable collection over the years. In honor of Coach Grimes, Indy’s Head Coach, Reginald Harris, replaced Grimes’ popular Turnover Chain with a Turnover Anchor in the 2022 season. The Anchor, a testament to holding one another down in the name of brotherhood, is hoisted in the air during the game by impact players who reek havoc on the field, causing a turnover in the team’s favor. The 2022 football season was dedicated to Coach Greg Najee Grimes.

The 212° Philosophy

The 212 philosophy is named in recognition of one of Coach Chris Petersen’s themes during football season at Boise State University in Boise, ID. 212 Degrees Fahrenheit is the scientific boiling point. At Boise, 212 was the maximum temperature scale to “turn up,” separating a player’s performance and intensity from hot to-superheated-to boiling. Coach Petersen inspired his team to apply the 212 principle to all aspects of life ~ socially, academically, financially, philosophically and spiritually.

Grimes was recruited and became Inderkum High’s first Student-Athlete to receive a D1 Scholarship. As a Defensive Player at Boise, Grimes was a part of the storied Cinderella Team with a record of 59 (W) - 4 (L) 2008-2012, including a perfect 14-0 season in 2009. Boise State remains in the nation’s Top 20 winning percentage in Division 1 College Football. Grimes was an Academic All-American and graduated in 2012 with Honors.

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Get in the Game

Education + Engagement = Empowerment
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Hi I'm Ace and I'm 5 now
My wish is  to see

Charles Leno play
an NFL game and...
Youth Sports Camps

In Progress - Notify Me

Najee's Law

3 Proposed Legislative Initiatives to Enhance Our Safety Work & Play Experience at Sacramento's Entertainment Establishments
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Mandatory exterior cameras for entertainment establishments including clubs, bars where alcohol is more than 50% of revenues
Mandatory walk-through metal detectors for downtown & midtown entertainment clubs, pubs, bars and events
Zero-tolerance for failure to comply

Smart Plays Save Lives

Ways to Rout Gun Violence
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"Freedom Love" by Rexx Life Raj feat. Goapele


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We're building on a legacy

Daddy taught me that every life matters...

His, mine, and yours!

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We lost our best friend to gun violence. Now we're saving lives

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Be a game changer! Join our dynamic cause & let's reclaim our communities

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